Monday, January 7, 2008

Save cricket from the clutches of Aussies!

I wonder why Bucknor and Bensor were so biased against India
and made decisions which helped the Aussies!
It can't be money or any other means.
Is it being in awe of a giant champion like Aussies?
I believe so, apart from the fact that umpires all around the world
take Indian cricketers for granted.
Indian cricketers are still gentlemen, in a game
which is increasingly getting aggressive.
We need some Miandads who can take on umpires
when the men in white coat is wrong.
Otherwise the aussies will kill every talent
which threatens to throw them challenge.
They are the worst losers!
Their dream run of 16 consecutive Test wins
will never make the game of cricket, richer.
And to make the matter worse, even the future is not looking bright,
with Michael Clarke hinted to take over the mantle of Aussie cricket.
It will get worse as wrong gamesmanship standards are being set in the OZ!

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