Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The spirit of Olympics is doused!

The whole World is using the opportunity to hurl a stone at China.
They are all making statements by haunting the Olympics torch.
Sadly the spirit of Olympics has taken a serious beating!
India has assured China, a smooth passage of the torch when it reaches Delhi.
There would be ahigh-security to safeguard the torch from Tibetan protestors.
But it will surely deprive the true spirit of Olmpics, people's participation!


Anonymous said...

I saw some of your cartoons on Desicartoonists, But I think you killed that blog, somehow landed here via google search.

So, you are an untrained cartoonist...too bad. I don't think cartooning or any form of art requires training, it just needs passion and insipration and one doesn't need to go to cartoon's school to find them.

You have a good collection of work on this blog. Will keep visiting Time and again.

Till then

Satish Acharya said...

Thanks Anshul.
Ya my old blog was hacked, so I have no control over it.
Thanks for the comment.
People keep asking me this question 'where did you learn cartooning?' 'Are you a JJ graduate?' So that 'untrained cartoonist' thing.
As you say, cartooning can't be taught as it's not just about drawing. Imagine hundreds of cartoonists coming out of art school with a similar set of style or mindset!
thanks for the visit and keep visiting.

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