Thursday, July 3, 2008

Truck-load of money to shop in India?

The trucks are off the roads in India.
This will again add to the inflation levels in India moving the prices of commodities higher.
Will Indians soon need a truck-load of money to go for shopping?


Nitwick said...

Don't you think we are over exaggerating the Inflation figures. We are still better off than many other countries.

Satish Acharya said...

Hi, thanks for spending some time to comment. I do agree with you. We're far better off than some of the other worst-hit countries.
But the problem is real. And when you look at the macro-level you find that there's a slight adjustment in the lifstyle of people because of inflation/oil crisis/rate of interest rates(ofcourse all inter-connected)
As a cartoonist, sometimes we do exaggerate the things to carry the point and humour in the cartoon.

Meera said...

Nice toons!

And I do agree, cartoonists have to exaggerate the actuals!

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