Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yeddyurappa is in dilemma!

This is interesting.
This cartoon is about Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa's dilemma over church-attacks.
But I couldn't convince Bangalore Mid-day editor to carry this cartoon. He thought it's sensitive.
Luckily Mumbai/Delhi/Pune edition carried the cartoon(there was less risk for them)
These so-called protectors of Indian culture have snatched our freedom to express.
They can just rush-in and destroy your office and glass-windows...
The broken windows can be repaired but we can gradually lose our voice which will take ages to regain.

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Mavin said...


Came across your blog via Gopinath's Artickles.

Yeddy on the cross is so apt.

It is like waving a red flag at the moment in Karnataka and the editor must have been worried about everyone's safety.

Guess we have lost our capacity to take honest criticism and have become very intolerant.

Great stuff. I liked the recession and US economy one too.

Will go through the earlier cartoons soon.


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