Friday, January 16, 2009

Want to do something?

A push in the right direction can make all the difference. This is what Simona Terron, Hemant and Sangeeta Chabbra aim to do with The Bicycle Project - an attempt to encourage underprivileged kids to get an education. In villages located outside Mumbai, there are several children walking miles to get an education. Going to school is the most important thing for these kids – and the Bicycle Project wants to make sure it remains that way. Simona says, “There are several children walking an average of 2-7 km a day, one way, to get an education. This is the generation that will bring about a change for the better – for their families, their villages, and who knows, maybe even the country and some day, the world!”
She adds, “We're collecting old bicycles and after giving these bikes a new lease of life, we're going to deliver them to the village kids in and around Maharashtra.” The Bicycle Project is still in its infant stages so the trio needs all the help they can get. Simona says, “The response has been fantastic but since we are just starting we need a lot of volunteers. Anyone can help out! And we’re looking to get a lot of hands onboard.” Here’s how: Donate a bicycle, raise awareness by printing out posters, sponsor tempo transportation (Rs.1000 approximately), provide temporary storage areas (they need a garage or two in Bandra), volunteer to collect cycles (even if just on the weekend).

Contact: Hemant Chhbabra on 9820149022 or email


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