Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BJP is becoming irrelevant in India!

Our opposition party BJP seems to be obsessed with long-forgotten Jinnah.
After Advani's secular Jinnah comment backfired some years back now Jaswant Singh almost called Jinnah another father of the nation, equalling him to Gandhiji! And now the party is just talking about Jinnah. Wonder who'll take stock of Govt's actions on drought-like situation, swine-flu crisis, terror threat from Pakistan etc etc!


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An (A)mateur Beginner... said...

Well your title says it all. But it also dreads me the fact that all this controversy is also resulting in the distingration of a party which is the only national and of course a strong opposition. But looking at the precarious condition of a party like this, i can imagine to have the governance of a single party in the near future. For how long a period, I leave it on time to decide.

parwatisingari said...

an(a)mateur beginner can I share my blog with you?
comments welcome.

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