Monday, September 21, 2009

The first Indian to get PINK SLIP!

Kopykatman! The Indian superhero with a difference!
He had the skills to mess up any mission on hand! Written by writer n journalist Suresh Nair(writer/co-writer of Jhankar Beats, Namastey London, London dreams and Aladin) and illustrated by me, this comics appeared in Sunday Midday(thanks to Alpana and Shradha) and ran for around 100 episodes. KK was the first Indian to get PINK SLIP due to recession(That's how KK consoles himself) Poor guy, he's still looking for a job!
I just thought of recollecting those funny moments and share some episodes of KK with you. Looking back, I feel I could have drawn a lot better, spending more time on them. Sometimes I felt I couldn't do justice to Suresh's hilarious ideas. But working with newspaper has it's own time-constraints. Now both Suresh and me miss Kopykatman more, with so mamy funny things happening around us. Please help KK reach more people by leaving comments and sharing links. It's pure fun!

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