Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shah Rukh Khan hires CM to sell MNIK tickets!

Never heard of any CM of any state promoting a commercial movie.
Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan creates history by promoting My Name Is Khan relentlessly day and night! He's under severe political pressure to defeat Shiv Sena's ploy, which is a challenge for his leadership also.(With many aspiring CM candidates waiting in the pavilion!)
But it sounds so ridiculous when Ashok Chavan says 'I'll go and watch MNIK' and asks everyone to go and watch My Name is Khan! What a promotion!


clay crossing said...

simply great!
but it is really sad the political situation of Mumbai...

Kiron Ponnath said...

Super one Satish!!.
here is mine.

parwatisingari said...

:) GR8 but where is your share button?

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