Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My big day! Please be there if you can!

A big moment! In any artist’s life, first exhibition is a big moment.
And  here’s my moment. My first exhibition takes off on May 6th in Bengaluru.
It’s been a pretty interesting journey from a sleepy town of Kundapur(near Udupi in Karnataka) to the vibrant Mumbai’s media scene. The journey is also about the quest of a young  kid, from a small town, for any cartoon-related info in pre-internet age to the twitter-age, when the challenge is in picking the right info.
Just to keep the show relevant, I have picked the recent cartoons. The works to be exhibited in Bengaluru, are mostly the recent ones and they don’t have lots of caricatures also (I love doing caricatures). May be in the next exhibition I will plan to make the show comprehensive.
Here’s an invite to the exhibition which starts from May 6th and will be open till 19th May.
Do drop in to the exhibition, have a look and leave your feedback. If you happen to visit the gallery during  6th, 7th or 8th May, you may bump into me! Would love to meet you and discuss your viewpoint.
This is my personal invitation to each one of you. Be there to share my big moment.
And big thanks to everyone for bringing this big moment!



Unknown said...

hey congratulations and good luck for the exhibition!!!
Waiting for it to happen in Mumbai...:)

suresh kota said...

all the best, Satish!

Born to Travel said...

Good luck and best wishes

sumanta said...

Nice to meet you today. Great cartoons! All the Best

Cruz said...

aaaah+ congrats...guess I can only wish 4m here 4 now.

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