Monday, July 5, 2010

Luis Suarez, new hands of God or a cheat?

There is outrage about the way Ghana was made to exit the World Cup after Luis Suarez blocked a certain goal from Ghana with his hands (He wasn't the goalie)
Referee showed him red card and awarded penalty kick to Ghana, which they failed to convert into a goal. This is an exceptional incident, especially for the occasion as big as soccer world cup.
In any sports such behaviour is termed as cheating. In cricket as a batsman, if you stop a delivery from a bowler which was going to hit the stumps, you'll be given out handling the ball.
Obviously Ghana has a strong reason to feel cheated. And this was their biggest occasion!


Cruz said...

Awesome man, lyk da spikes too...but I also feel sorry for Ghana.

Anonymous said...

there was diving from gyan asamoah to get the free kick that led to the handplay. so a goal from ghana would be also cheating! also there were many bad fouls from ghana. 3 uruguayan players were injured

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