Friday, February 11, 2011

Defiant Hosni Mubarak becomes history!

 Hosni Mubarak who's been defying all the efforts to bring him down, finally quits and becomes history!
Midday cartoon


Vivek Chamoli said...


1st time over your blog , and amazed to find this.

yeah the autocracy is finally over ..its time for democracy.


AS said...

hello Satish

I saw ur ad in blog adda, I loved ur blog and u are really witty.

all the very best :)

Silhouette said...

ha ha ..great work Mr. Satish;}
bt ya wud have taken a great deal for him to actually become History...
I wont call myself as cartoonist bt i always wanted to be..its just that i wanst bold enough to take a decision to quit my
Lookin upto ur work;)

Satish Acharya said...

@vivek, @AS, @Silhouette, thanks so much. Stay in touch for more funny stuff. :-)