Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Afridi's googlies and doosras...

Afridi first blasts the Pakistani media for hating India, then criticises India to declare that, Pakistan can never have normal relations with India and again takes a U-turn to say he loves India! Afridi, the spinner!
Midday cartoon

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Archis Bhide said...

First thing I feel is what Afridi did "in" Pakistan blasting media for hating India was extremely courageous. When ministers in Pakistan were killed just for opposing some Islamic law, saying somthing good about India was like inviting death but he did say it. Then imagine if you are a pakistani & if any of the fanatic or terrorist groups call you & threaten you for saying something good about India, what will you do? Cause you have a family to look after & they have nothing. Seeking help from politicians is hopeless. I guess thats what he did as his 2nd comment about India & Pakistan relations. But then he still loves India. That was his 3rd comment. So I feel everyone in India should put ourselves in his shoes & then comment.
As a joke I love this cartoon but it has a serious side too...
One Indian who really thinks