Monday, December 19, 2011

CBI to be divided?

Desperate to not to lose control over CBI, the govt could divide CBI and let the prosecution wing work under Lokpal.
Midday cartoon


Sundaram said...

Dear Satish

This is the funniest cartoon I have ever read. I could not stop laughing.

Best wishes.

manish srivastava said...

असली हिस्सा सरकार के पास है कुते की दुम, जो कभी भी सीधी नहीं होगी .

karthik said...

great creativity Satish Acharya ji.,

My kind and humble request pls paint a cartoon to stop war between Keral & TN states for Dam Issue, and support against Corruption with team Anna for Janlokpal..,
really it will help to understand the people of both Kerala and TamilNadu.,

this is very urgent painting request satish sir.., one painting can stop this..,

my mail id,
we can post this in to facebook and twitter and orkut.., so that people can understand the current needs sir..,

Thanks for your kind service sir.,


karthik said...

dear satish sir,

kindly paint a cartoon Regarding UNITY of Kerala & TamilNadu people for corruption free india with IAC Anna team., this is not time for Dam issue.,

its my very humble request sir gee,,

your golden work needs in very urgent basis satish sir.,

my mail id
I am from chennai.,

thanks & Regards

Savings Day!