Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Afzal Guru hanged!

Finally Afzal Guru hanged!


Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum ,

Till this day. i was thinking of you as a wonderful cartoonist with a lot of talent. The themes of your cartoons and the way you presented the main point in a humorous way used to just amaze me. But seeing this cartoon i realised that you belong to the same set of fools who beleive in some things without even bothering the authenticity of those have shown in this cartoon how cheapo you are and you also proved that no matter to what heights you climb, the stupidity in you will remain the same.
let us say you read somewhere about this virgins concept and all in islam. but did you ever try to learn the actual intention behind it. do you know the circumstances which lead to it. did you ever try to study the=at subject?No.. why would you ?... when you dont have complete idea on the subject of your cartoon.. dont try to draw a cartoon of it. if you want i will give you a complete idea of that subject.
Finally please remember that islam is a religion of peace and Allah(subhana wa ta'ala)no where says in quran to kill innocent people ang you will get paradise. instead he says hell is the place for such people. why dont you guys ever understand this? why are you so ignorant?

Satish Acharya said...

Oh Dear,
I'm amazed how easily your viewpoint changes with one cartoon or one piece of opinion. Is your mind so fragile?
Tell me, where's Islam mentioned in the cartoon? How can this cartoon be insulting to any religion?
The cartoon is about terrorists and their false theories in life. During the narco test, Ajmal Qasab confessed that he was brainwashed in terror camps by saying if he turned a terrorist he'd get 72 virgins in heaven after his death. The cartoon is about that. We all know how few religious fundamentalists spread hatred in the name of religion, spread superstition in the name of Gods. Did I ever say in the cartoon that this is mentioned in the Koran? NO!
If I make a cartoon on tantriks asking greedy people to sacrifice children to gain wealth, is that an insult to Hinduism? NO! Because I'm only ridiculing and destroying the theories which are spread by these agents of religion. Religion is a personal thing, for every body. Anybody who is blinded by any religion is a fool.

Unknown said...

Absolutely correct satish

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