Monday, October 8, 2007

Deve Gowda, the King of Betrayals!

It didn't surprise anyone in Karnataka when DeveGowda's 'kumara' refused to vacate CM's chair. Deve Gowda's chapter in Karnataka's political history comes in the section, BETRAYAL! Deve Gowda has a reputation of betraying his friends, at the slightest opportunity of power. Just before Yediyurappa, he betrayed Dharam Singh. Earlier, Bangarappa.
And everyone remembers how he ditched Ramakrishna Hegde to become a shocking PM choice. Though his latest betrayal hasn't surprised any of us, what surprises me is, how he's still been a force in the Karnataka politics and remains the Kingmaker!
May be Indian politics demands such foxy players!

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quality lines.............

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