Monday, October 29, 2007

They shut all the doors and dropped Rahul Dravid!

Not that BCCI has never fooled us earlier,
but this time Colonel and his gang of wise
men completely shocked us. Infact they
humiliated every cricket fan's basic knowledge
of the game. I'm not shocked at Dravid getting the axe, but the way BCCI went about it. When you drop a player of Dravid's calibre you also give him fair chance to regain his lost form. That is in the interest of Indian cricket. But look what they did to eliminate a gentleman cricketer like Rahul Dravid.
-They made him sit in the last ODI, that had no importance in terms of results. It was no-pressure game which would have helped Dravid to play calm and regain his form.
-They didn't pick him up for any of the Challenger tourney! Two-three matches there would have been a perfect setting for his return to form.

So, they shut all the doors for his return and dropped him!
If we call them a bunch of jokers, we'd be insulting the jokers!

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