Friday, May 27, 2011

Nicknames of cricketers!

Caricature of Bill Lawry, former Australian captain and commentator, done for a Midday sports story on nicknames of cricketers. Don't miss the little explanation with each nickname, some you may be reading for the first time.


Anonymous said...

Rahul Dravid was called Jammy from his first season for K'taka. When Dravid debuted for K'taka Kumble, Srinath, Prasad were all youngsters too playing only their second season.
In the dressing room, Srinath on seeing a new young kid(RD was 17) asked him where his father worked. On being told it was at Kissan, he remarked "Jam-Juice factoryna?", and from there it was Jamjuice which dropped the "juice" part later on and became just Jammy.
[Source: Biography by Vedam Jaishankar]

Satish Acharya said...

Thanks for sharing the story behind RD's nickname. Really interesting. I can imagine Srinath asking Rahul, 'Jam-juice factoryna?'. hehe

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