Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yeddyurappa and 114 MLAs rush to Delhi!

Yeddyurappa along with his 100+ MLAs rushed to Delhi to parade in front of the President to show strength.
Midday cartoon

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Tintu said...

If Congress is not punished for its misrule, sply since last 3 years, it will give confidence to corrupt politicians to carry on doing wrong things and then knowing that people will get along with it and still vote for them....

If this grave situation happens, the country will be split up and there will be rampant loot everywhere and our country will be broken before our very own eyes.....This is the time where everyone including minorities understand this and see the repercussions...

BJP might not be the cleanest party but still they have to be given a chance just to teach Congress a lesson....These Congress guys have taken it for granted !!!!

Savings Day!