Monday, November 12, 2007

BJP's lotus blooms in South India, but how!

Vidhanasoudhadalli Kamala aralide!
(Lotus blooms in Vidhanasoudha!)
BJP finally gets it's first CM in South India.
There's so much euphoria! And some alarm raised by so called secular parties.The way Yediyurappa reached this chair, is nothing to be proud of. And the number of days in the power, is uncertain.
But it's an incredible achievement for the saffron party.
Unlike in other southern states like TN, AP or Kerala, in Karnataka BJP has been playing a little but vital roles over the years. During the last 5-10 years BJP has come up as a major political force by eating into Congress and JD vote bank.
When I look at closer my home, coastal South Canara used to be a strong Congress fort, which is now completely taken over by the saffron party. The failure of so called secular parties is a major reason for the rise of BJP. In the name of secular politics, Congress and Janata Dal resorted to appeasement of the minorities. And they have failed to stand up to the real concerns of the minority communities. On the other hand, BJP is shedding a bit of it's staunch hindu fundamental colour.
It's a long way before BJP can take over Vidhana Soudha on it's own. But the journey is already halfway

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