Friday, November 30, 2007

Narendra Modi's biggest asset is his vote bank balance!

Narendra Modi declared his assets,
which surprisingly is at around 40 lakh!
Being the powerful CM of an affluent state like Gujarat,
this amount looks meagre.
But, may be the people of Gujarat are not surprised at all.
I was speaking to Midday's political editor, Deepak Lokhande
and he came up with some interesting things.
He says the biggest asset of Narendra Modi is his clean image.
Any attempt to dethrone him would not succeed unless it involves corruption.
Modi has been maintaining a clean image and
they prefer to ignore his anti-muslim stance.

1 comment:

GauranG said...

It may be possilble...
M- Maal
O- Occho
D- Dekhadvo... bcz
I- I m modi.

Therefore i m with him.
i voted him.

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