Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Who's my ally, Musharraf or Pakistan? Bush's dilemma!

There are little things, which we take for granted.
We Indians don't really value the small privileges that freedom bring in.
Small things like speaking out our mind, writing our opinions or criticising our govt. Sadly with a neighbour like Pakistan, by now we should have learnt to respect the freedom we have.
Emergency haven't changed Pakistani citizen's life much, as they have been used to live in a supressed state for long. Zia or Pervez, nobody cared for the people.
Now, USA is in a major dilemma. The dilemma is whether to treat Musharraf as their ally or Pakistan, the nation. All along Bush's war on terror, Mushrraf made dictatorial decisions to side with Bush. But now, USA need to prepare themselves for a Pakistan without Musharraf!
And that's not as easy as dealing with Musharraf the General!

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