Friday, November 23, 2007

Was that protest in Kolkatta, against Taslima or Nandigram!

Are you in 'protesting' mood?
Come out of your home armed with some
household weapons (to protest peacefully!).
But what you're protesting against?
The chance is that you'll find plenty of issues
to protest against, on the streets, like it happened in Kolkatta!
People came to streets to protest against Taslima's stay in India,
but some thought they were protesting Nandigram!
Finally nobody knows what was that protest for!
Nobody bothers too, except for the people who
were victimised in the violence on the streets


Avisek Chowdhury said...

WOW!!!Mind blowing.....This is the cartoon I requested you to make some time back.....This is really awesome sir.I'll expect that you will make more interesting toons.

Anonymous said...

I like this cartoon and the message behind it. I am sure this happens all the time - the protesters are not aware of what they are protesting against.

I am saving a link to this cartoon... would you mind it if I posted it on my blog and linked it back here? I feel more people should see and understand this.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the news on which the cartoons are based was also linked here... just a passing thought.

Love this site!

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