Monday, November 12, 2007

Stop-gap captaincy in Indian cricket!

We never managed to understand the strategies adopted by BCCI.
And Anil Kumble's appointment as a captain for three Tests is not an exception! Sachin was supposed to be the sole contender for this job. When the little master backed out, Dhoni seemed to be the natural choice. But the media threw in Kumble as a contender!
Believe it or not, the selectors did name Kumble as Test captain, but only for three Tests! Selectors thought Dhoni is not yet ready for the big job.
If you want to test someone of Kumble's calibre as a captain, test him over a longer period, may be two more series. If India lose the three Test series against Pakistan, will the captaincy go back to Dhoni?
Does that mean, in three Tests Dhoni will mature enough to take on the mantle of Test captaincy?

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