Friday, November 2, 2007

KING KHAN rules!

They don't call him King Khan just for nothing!
He rules the bollywood and he rules with style.
I still remember the hyperactive young guy who
acted in a small role in one of the episodes of Wagle Ki Duniya.
He was impressive in that little role. And we started hearing about him, eversince. He loves talking now and likes to listen also.
He has won crores of fans over the decades and he won few more fans at Midday recently. He was at Midday as guest editor on the occasion of his birthday. He's charming when he starts talking and he plays little tricks to keep females engrossed in him.
He talked endlessly on Shoaib in particular and sports in general.
I used the occasion to get his signature on his caricature. I'm not a die-hard fan of this Khan, but his performance in Chakde did impress me a lot. And the attitude this sports film carried with it was commendable. Shah Rukh showed the right intention by putting his best in that movie.
We could see that now SRK realises that his kids should watch his movies , learn a bit and may be gather the right attitude towards life.
He can do a lot for bollywood and to the society.
Being an intelligent superstar it will surely help him to channelise his efforts in the right direction. LONG LIVE KING KHAN!

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