Thursday, November 22, 2007

Who let Shah Rukh Khan speak on the cricket field?

'C' in BCCI stands for CONTROL
The BCCI honchos have taken the CONTROL factor seriously
and hell bent on controlling everthing related to cricket in this country.
They have silenced the cricketers, they have gagged selectors and
now they want to restrict filmstars from attending the cricket matches.
Shah Rukh Khan is blamed for using the cricket platform to promote his latest movie, Om Shanti Om. I do agree that SRK tried to promote his movie whenever he got a chance to speak. But WHO gave him the chance to speak on TV? Why invite him to the field and interview him. Neo Sports, where the matches are being telecast is BCCI channel. They can control what they telecast. If he's treated just like any other filmstars who come to watch matches, then there's no question of anybody promoting their movies. BCCI honchos themselves use King Khan to gain some mileage.
And what disturbs more is the number of voices within the BCCI about this issue. Before Prof Ratnakar Shetty finished requesting a debate on the issue, Rajeev Shukla came out to support King Khan. BCCI should have discussed the issue among themselves before making any statement. But as we know BCCI is a CONTROL-freak body, which has lost CONTROL over it's own officials

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