Friday, November 2, 2007

King Khan at Midday edit meet

SRK was at our daily edit meet at Midday.
The edit meet is where the day's stories are
discussed AND lead for the day is selected on the
merit of the story. Everyone thought SRK would attend
the meet just as a formality. But he pleasantly surprised
us by discussing the stories and showing
keen interest in some stories.
Khan's talkative and he talked sense!
He talked on any subject that came up, fluently and sensibly too.
He showed keen interest and ardent following in sports stories.
For once, I realised his passion for sports is not a PR brand excercise
This encounter, I'm going to remember for sometime.
Not because we could interact with a larger than life star,
but because a glossy superstar bared his brain and surprised us pleasantly!

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