Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sudha Murthy could have been an editor!

Midday's Bengaluru edition had a special guest yesterday, Mrs Sudha Murthy. Calling her just as Narayana Murthy's wife is not right as she has her own identity in this cash-crazy society. I admire her a lot for her simplicity and the eagerness to, return to the society a bit of her success!
And when the Bengaluru edit team asked me to do a caricature of the lady to present her, I was thrilled.
I finally ended up doing a younger version of Mrs Sudha Murthy as I could only get an old pic of hers! But I heard she liked the caricature and complimented. And she agreed to keep that framed caricature in Infosys foundation office! I can't ask for more than that, though I would have been happier to get an autographed copy from her, personally.
We've had another celebrity in our Mumbai office. More on that tomorrow!

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