Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All the money locked in Reliance IPO!

That party, seems, is not over yet.
The correction in the stock market will get new investors
who are eager to make most of the crisis. And the old investors
will can't leave as they have to regain their lost money.
So this vicious cycle will suck in more people and more money.
I only wish, our strong market is made
more sophisticated and more fool-proof!
Even the refund of IPO money should be made more faster.

Senior cricketers culled, one by one!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

IPO madrush, where are we heading?

All roads lead to Anil Ambani's treasure!
Atleast in the case of money.
Reliance power IPO is making investors crazy.
People have borrowed from banks, relatives to invest in this IPO.
Some have liquidated FDs, some sold off their long term investments...
Just because they expect this scrip to list at whopping 900 rupees!
That is cool 100% profit in a matter of two weeks!
But is this the way we expect our stock market to be looked at.
This seems to be a crazy trend, which may brutally trap
the retail investors at a certain point and unstable the economy.
Remember the mid-nineties when people rushed to invest in double your money schemes?
This mad rush is no different!

Hot Salman Khan in wax!

Hot Salman Khan will make the life of ladies
in the Madame Tussauds' uncomfortable!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is Perth pitch hellish?

Ok, now back to business!
Let's get back to cricket now.
And the bigger battle is waiting for the Indian team at Perth,
which is supposed to be more pacier and more bouncy.
As we all know, Indian batsmen hate bouncy pitch!
May be the media is making too much of WACA's bouncy pitch,
but traditionally Perth is not one of the grounds where Indians have thrived.
Let's hope someone digs in and builds a big innings!
We have a great batting line up.
Hope they don't line up to the pavilion in a heap!
All that matters is a strong mind and some fire in the belly!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Goodbye, Sir Edmund Hillary!

People will remember the ones who break that impossible hurdles.
We still remember Gavaskar as the man who first reached 10,000 runs.
Now we have so many batsmen who've gone well beyond his record.
But Sunny's achievement will always be special!

But Sir Edmund Hillary will be rememberd for the great human spirit
to take on the challenge thrown by nature. Many have conquered
the Everest after him and now there's a heavy traffic at the Everest!

Sir Edmund Hillary will always represent that spirit to
take on the challenges thrown by the nature. Final salute to him!

Tata's NANO is here!

Tatas kept their promise.
One lakh car is here.
It's NANO!
It's an incredible achievement in the history of World automobile.
It will have it's own buyers.
In India, a car is not just seen as a vehicle to commute.
But as a status symbol. People would love to flaunt their toy!
And NANO would just fall short in that area!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Midday's sports cover on Bucknor! The devil in white coat!

This Peter Roebuck's column was supposed to be Midday's page1 story.
But then Bhajji ban happened later and lead changed.
So, this story went as sports cover.
The challenge was to show Bucknor as a villain.
The ideas came in from different people in the edit team.
Some wanted him as a vampire, some as devil.
Finally Bucknor became a devil.
And couldn't ignore the other umpire,
Benson who contributed SO MUCH in the Sydney game!

Midday's cover on Oz tour controversy! Cricket's Ravana!

Had great fun doing this imaging.
We realised that there are too many villains in this controversy,
each adding their bit to traumatise the Indian cricket team.
And someone in the edit came up with Ravana concept of ten heads!
Someone else started counting the number of villains! (Not a tough task, actually!)
Finally we had our Ravana!
It was tempting to use Symonds at the centre of the image
because his expression suited so much for the character!
But realised, the main culprit who robbed Sydney Test from us, was Bucknor!
Thrilled to see this image in AFP!
(Though Gujarati Midday cover appeared as Midday had false cover that day!)

Monkeys are offended!

Save cricket from the clutches of Aussies!

I wonder why Bucknor and Bensor were so biased against India
and made decisions which helped the Aussies!
It can't be money or any other means.
Is it being in awe of a giant champion like Aussies?
I believe so, apart from the fact that umpires all around the world
take Indian cricketers for granted.
Indian cricketers are still gentlemen, in a game
which is increasingly getting aggressive.
We need some Miandads who can take on umpires
when the men in white coat is wrong.
Otherwise the aussies will kill every talent
which threatens to throw them challenge.
They are the worst losers!
Their dream run of 16 consecutive Test wins
will never make the game of cricket, richer.
And to make the matter worse, even the future is not looking bright,
with Michael Clarke hinted to take over the mantle of Aussie cricket.
It will get worse as wrong gamesmanship standards are being set in the OZ!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Let's start dropping umpires too!

Police commissioner Jadhav walks into Media's trap!

Mumbai police does it again!
Instead of doing damage-control exercise to
save face after the Juhu molestation case,
The police commissioner makes some casual remarks!
They definately need some training in handling media.
Media was so hungry for bites when HT flashed molestation pics
(Some pics without blurring!).
And Mr Jadhav angrily walked into Media's trap!

Do you still feel Mumbai is a safe city for females?
I feel this city is far far safer than the other Indian cities.

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