Sunday, May 12, 2013

UPA's sacrifices!

UPA sacrifices two ministers.
(Cartoon done on 11th May 2013)

Bansal's gone!

Railway Minister Bansal's goat offering fails to save him.
(Cartoon done on 11th May 2013)

Karnataka CM race!

Karnataka has many CM contenders.
(Cartoon done on 10th May 2013)

Shikari Rahul!

Congress is eager to attribute Karnataka victory to Rahul Gandhi.
(Cartoon done on 9th May 2013)

'CBI is a caged parrot'

Supreme Court says CBI is a caged parrot.
(Cartoon done on 9th May 2013)

Anti-corruption Championship begins in Karnataka.

Karnataka votes against corruption.
(Cartoon done on 9th May 2013)

Early Loksabha polls?

Will the Karnataka results encourage the Congress to go for an early Loksabha polls?
(Cartoon done on 8th May 2013)

SRK can't enter Wankhede.

Shahrukh Khan is still not welcome at Wankhede.
(Cartoon done on 7th May 2013)

CBI's grammatically improper Coalgate report.

Law Minister Ashwani Kumar says he only made grammatical changes in CBI's report on Coalgate.
(Cartoon done on 6th May 2013)

Bansal's nephew!

Railway Minister Bansal's nephew was caught taking Rs 90 lakh bribe.
(Cartoon done on 6th May 2013)

Pune Warriors' losses!

Pune Warriors are not just losing matches, but also losing captains.
(Cartoon done on 4th May 2013)

One govt and many funerals!

UPA attends another funeral.
(Cartoon done on 03rd May 2013)

PM Singh shed tears over Sarabjit's death!

PM Singh says he's saddened by Sarabjit's death in Pakistan prison.
(Cartoon done on 2nd May 2013)

Bhajji's Gangnam dance!

Harbhajan Singh does his own style of Gangnam dance.
(Cartoon done on 30th April 2013)

Mayawati's purse!

Mayawati's purse contained Rs 1 lakh in cash, when she went to campaign in Karnataka.
(Cartoon done on 29th April 2013)

Dhoni is a lucky wicket-keeper.

Dhoni says he's lucky to be a wicket-keeper, after Gayle's 175 in an IPL match.
(Cartoon done on 27th April 2013)

CBI shared coal-gate report with law minister.

CBI is accused of showing the Coal-gate report to the law minister, Ashwani Kumar.
(Cartoon done on 27th April 2013)

How to tackle China?

India-China stand-off in Ladakh.
(Cartoon done on 26th April 2013)

Karnataka assembly elections.

Voters' choices in Karnataka.
(Cartoon done on 26th April 2013)

China's incursion in Ladakh.

China intrudes into India's space in Ladakh and refuses to leave.
(Cartoon done on 26th April 2013)

Mamatadi taxes smokers!

Mamata Didi levies 5% extra tax on cigarettes, to fill the fund to compensate chit-fund victims.
(Cartoon done on 25th April 2013)

Delhi Police needs more funds.

The parents of 5-year old rape victim in Delhi was offered money to hush-up the case.
(Cartoon done on 24th April 2013)

Three mistakes of SRK's life!

Gayle-storm in IPL!
(Cartoon done 24th April 2013)

Sachin turns 40!

Sachin celebrates his 40th birthday, but still lives with 16-year old's enthusiasm for cricket.
(Cartoon done on 24th April 2013)

India fails two-hand test!

Supreme Court says the humiliating two-finger test on rape victims, should stop.
(Cartoon done on 23rd April 2013)

Rahul in Karnataka.

Rahul Gandhi's visit to Karnataka for the assembly elections, was overshadowed by Chris Gayle's record-breaking IPL innings.
(Cartoon done on 23rd April 2013)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

How can a little girl get security?

While the nation was concerned about the safety of our little girls, the govt grants Z-level security to Mukesh Ambani.
(Cartoon done on 22nd April 2013)

The rape of a 5-year old...

Brutal rape of a 5-year old girl in Delhi has moved the nation into tears.
(Cartoon done on 20th April 2013)

Nitish Kumar, the King-maker God!

Everyone wants to please Nitish Kumar.
(Cartoon done on 19th April 2013)

PM Singh was misled by Raja!

JPC says PM Singh was innocent and was misled by A Raja.
(Cartoon done on 19th April 2013)

Bangalore blast and politics!

Bangalore blast!
(Cartoon done on 18th April 2013)

Virat Kohli and the spirit of the game.

RCB gets more super-overs in IPL.
(Cartoon done on 18th April 2013)

Sanjay Dutt gets four-weeks reprieve!

Court gives Sanjay Dutt four weeks to surrender.
(Cartoon done on 17th April 2013)

Gujarat's lions!

Court sends lions from Gujarat to MP.
(Cartoon done on 16th April 2013)

Modi vs Nitish Kumar!

Modi vs Nitish Kumar!
(Cartoon done on 15th April 2013)

Ajit Pawar's aatma-klesh fast!

Ajit Pawar goes on one-day fast to repent his urine remark.
(Cartoon done on 14th April 2013)

Sreesanth wants slap-gate video!

Sreesanth brings back slap-gate!
(Cartoon done on 13th April 2013)

Solution for drought-hit India!

The solution for India's drought problem.
(Cartoon done on 12th April 2013)

Gambhir vs Virat Kohli!

Team India team-mates & Delhi team-mates Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli fight in IPL.
(Cartoon done on 12th April 2013)

Pappu vs Feku war!

Modi vs Rahul war is spreading wildly on twitter.
(Cartoon done on 11th April 2013) 

Court re-opens sikh riots case!

Supreme Court re-opens 1984 sikh riots case.
(Cartoon done on 11th April 2013)

Narendra Modi wants Mamatadi in NDA!

Narendra Modi woos Mamata Banerji.
(Cartoon done on 10th April 2013)

Wikileaks says Rajiv was a broker!

Wikileaks reveal that Late Rajiv Gandhi was a broker for a Swedish Jet company.
(Cartoon done on 9th April 2013)

RIP Margaret Thatcher.

RIP Margaret Thatcher
(Cartoon done on 9th April 2013)

Ajit Pawar's urine comment!

Ajit Pawar's urine talk!
(Cartoon done on 8th April 2013)

Virat Kohli's beard!

RCB captain Virat Kohli says the thrilling IPL matches are making his beard grey.
(Cartoon done on 8th April 2013)

Ajit Pawar talks...

Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar's 'If no water in dam, do we urinate in it?' statement shocks the nation.
(Cartoon done on 8th April 2013)

Modi's debt!

Narendra Modi wants to repay his debt!
(Cartoon done on 6th April 2013)

Narendra Modi's debt!

Narendra Modi wants to repay nation's debt!
(Cartoon done on 5th April 2013)

Pune's Paper Tiger!

Pune Warriors, in spite of having the biggest stars, fail to win in IPL.
(Cartoon done on 5th April 2013)

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