Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CBI's freedom! (Done on 15th Nov '14)

Judge & women! (Done on 12th Nov '14)

AAP ka paisa! (Done on 12th Nov '14)

Sachin versus... (Done on 12th Nov '14)

CHOGM politics! (Done on 11th Nov '14)

Sachin's last Test! (Done on 11th Nov '14)

'CBI can't investigate' (Done on 8th Nov '14)

Diwali pollution! (Done on 7th Nov '14)

Ban opinion polls! (Done on 6th Nov '14)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

First image from Mars! (Done on 4th Nov '13)

Lata Mangeshkar praises Modi! (Done on 3rd Nov '13)

Sibal blames Modi. (Done on 2nd Nov '13)

Kiran Reddy praises Indira! (Done on 1st Nov '13)

Gill gives clean chit to Modi. (Done on 1st Nov '13)

Election code of conduct! (Done on 31st Oct '13)

India's Mangalyaan! (Done on 30th Oct '13)

No gold at Unnao! (Done on 30th Oct '13)

Modi wants to be a chowkidar! (Done on 29th Oct '13)

Vatican Cricket Team! (Done on 30th Oct '13)

Sardar Patel kidnapped! (Done on 29th Oct '13)

Fight poverty, says Modi. (Done on 29th Oct '13)

Onion bomb! (Done on 28th Oct '13)

Rahul makes you cry! (Done on 28th Oct '13)

Blasts at Modi rally! (Done on 29th Oct '13)

Bhoot Aaya! (Done on 16th Oct '13)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rahul & mossuitoes! (Done on 25th Oct '13)

Virat asks you to vote! (Done on 25th Oct '13)

Rahul's blood! (Done on 25th Oct '13)

Rahul's sob stories! (Done on 24th Oct '13)

Gold baba can save the economy! (Done on 23rd Oct '13)

Students stopped from using fb! (Done on 22nd Oct '13)

Ishant's death over! (Done on 21st Oct '13)

Unnao gold baba! (Done on 20th Oct '13)

Digging for gold! (Done on 19th Oct '13)

Martyr Kiran Reddy! (Done on 15th Oct '13)

Sachin retires... (Done on 11th Oct '13)

Sachin, beyond boundaries! (Done on 10th Oct '13)

Woman chief for FED, SBI. (Done on 11th Oct '13)

Sachin hai na... (Done on 11th Oct '13)

Jagan Reddy force-fed! (Done on 10th Oct '13)

Rahul's report card! (Done on 11th Oct '13)

NOTA! (Done on 10th Oct '13)

Their STAND on Telangana! (Done on 9th Oct '13)

Power crisis in Andhra! (Done on 8th October 2013)

Sonia to retire in 2016? (Cartoon done on 8th October 2013)

Rahul's theory! (Cartoon done on 8th October 2013)

Mohabbat Nagar! (Cartoon done on 7th October 2013)

(Cartoon done on 7th October 2013)

Bye Bye Rahul Dravid!

Anti-superstition Law in Karnataka?

Rahul Gandhi learns to say NO!

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