Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sensex Twenty20, regulators are worried!

The world is celebrating Sensex's 20k dance!
But back home two people are still worried about this bull run and fund inflow, Finance minister Chidambaram and SEBI chief Damodaran!
They have a reason too. A bull without tight leash can be dangerous to the economic health of the country!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Narendra Modi to benefit from Godhra sting!

They shut all the doors and dropped Rahul Dravid!

Not that BCCI has never fooled us earlier,
but this time Colonel and his gang of wise
men completely shocked us. Infact they
humiliated every cricket fan's basic knowledge
of the game. I'm not shocked at Dravid getting the axe, but the way BCCI went about it. When you drop a player of Dravid's calibre you also give him fair chance to regain his lost form. That is in the interest of Indian cricket. But look what they did to eliminate a gentleman cricketer like Rahul Dravid.
-They made him sit in the last ODI, that had no importance in terms of results. It was no-pressure game which would have helped Dravid to play calm and regain his form.
-They didn't pick him up for any of the Challenger tourney! Two-three matches there would have been a perfect setting for his return to form.

So, they shut all the doors for his return and dropped him!
If we call them a bunch of jokers, we'd be insulting the jokers!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Will R R Patil ban cheer girls in T20 cricket?

Maharashtra's home minister RR Patil is unhappy with Cheer(girls)leaders of T20 cricket. He found them obscene! Remember he's the one who found lakhs of bar dancers obscene and banned dance bars! Now what? Is he planning to ban cheer girls from cricket?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Andrew Symonds and racial abuse

Midday columnist Gaurav Kapur writes about
the racial issue that haunted India-Australia series.
This illustration tried to capture the essence of the column.

Noisy festivals

Illustration done for Mynews page in Midday
The reader shows concern towards how we pollute the nature and our minds through noisy festival celebrations,

Will Dhoni survive the season?

Sports cover done for Midday
The cover story talks about the tough
schedule for the Indian cricket team,
especially the skipper Dhoni as he's to
man the roles of captain, wicket keeper and batsman.
At any daily newspaper, time is a luxury.
I wish I had more time to work on this cover,
but managed to come up with somewhat decent job.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More changes in cricket!

Cricket is witnessing too many changes in terms of rules.
To make the game more exciting, ICC has gone to the
extreme length to change the rules.
The latest one was about changing the ball during the OneDay match.
It does snatch away any little advantage the bowling side has.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nuke deal suspense is killing the comrades!

The suspense is killing the comrades!
They want to end the suspense at the earliest.
They want the end their way, too!
Leftists want the Govt to take a clear stand on Nuke deal.
Truly the Govt is still hezitant to call the deal off, so soon.
May be they see a ray of hope at the end of this coalition tunnel

Married Superhero, Kopykatman!

Not there yet, India!

The debate will continue.
Who's the real champion?
Aussies or India?
India may have defeated Aussies
in the one-off T20 match in Mumbai.
The young Indian T20 side seems to be in it's own zone,
not disturbed by the pathetic show of ODI team.
But the truth remains that, India needs to perform
consistently to defeat the best of the teams in all forms of the game,
to pose any challenge to the supremacy of Aussies

Hire goondas in recovery cell and give them white collar!

When you borrow money,
you also borrow troubles.
Nothing can explain this sentence
better than Banks' strategy to
hire goondas to recover loans.
Why not recruit goondas in
recovery cell and give them white collar?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Playing for pride!

I'm amused by this talk of 'playing for pride'
Why do we always have to play for pride when
we are down and out?
Why not play for the nation's pride from the start?
If you take pride in representing the nation,
you'll always play for pride from the word GO!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nuke deal, finally off?

Finally Congress is succumbing to the comrades.
The Nuke deal, which was heralded to be a landmark
deal in India's international affairs, is counting it's last days,
it seems. The question is not what we'll lose or what we'd
gain if Nuke deal falls through. But the real question is how
much this development will damage India's image on the World scene!

Will any country trust India, the next time it sits with Indian counterpart?
Will Indian govt have the confidence to strike any deal with US?

I strongly feel, before seriously striking the Nuke deal,
the UPA govt should have taken the coalition partners
to confidence and had a detailed talk, which could have avoided
the deal coming this far.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mumbai's bhais are active during festivals!

The bhais of Mumbai use every festival to make some quick bucks!
That's what the column by crime journalist Jdey says.
This illustration was done for that column piece.

We're the world champs too!

Before the start of the ODI series against Aussies,
we claimed, WE'RE WORLD CHAMPS too!
And so far we've seen no trace of that champion's
traits in Indian team's performance.
If we're going to talk BIG and succumb to
humiliating defeats, then it's better we keep mum
and start performing. When you have
something to prove, talk less and let the work
do all the talking.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Loan recovery agent menace!

The illustration done for a guest column,
on bank recovery agents. In Mumbai (and in other parts of the country too), recovery agents hired by banks have been ruining households and driving debtors to suicides. These agents use third degree techniques to force the defaulters repay)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Indian cricket

Indian cricket team defeated Australia
in ODI after three years! For a nation which
boasts of all season cricket, where cricket is
a religion, this record sounds unbelievable!

Cell worries

Cell can send you to another CELL, police cell!
Mumbai's traffice police are working day and
night to make road travel safer on Mumbai streets.
The campaign to prohibit drunken driving has
resulted in a huge drop in liquor sales at South
Mumbai pubs and now people prefer to party
at a pub near their living place.And there's a
fall in the number of accidents at night.
Now the police are targetting drivers who talk
on their cells while driving. Some of the drivers
were sent to prison for a day!
May sound harsh, but remember these reckless drivers
can put your life in danger also!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Deve Gowda, the King of Betrayals!

It didn't surprise anyone in Karnataka when DeveGowda's 'kumara' refused to vacate CM's chair. Deve Gowda's chapter in Karnataka's political history comes in the section, BETRAYAL! Deve Gowda has a reputation of betraying his friends, at the slightest opportunity of power. Just before Yediyurappa, he betrayed Dharam Singh. Earlier, Bangarappa.
And everyone remembers how he ditched Ramakrishna Hegde to become a shocking PM choice. Though his latest betrayal hasn't surprised any of us, what surprises me is, how he's still been a force in the Karnataka politics and remains the Kingmaker!
May be Indian politics demands such foxy players!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Heart and you!

Page design with illustration done for
Sunday Midday. The story talks about
the danger of wrong lifestyle leading to heart
problems, stressing on regular heart check-ups

Friday, October 5, 2007

Coach Coach hota hai!

The richest cricket body in the World and still could not get a cricket coach of it's choice! That's how BCCI works. The Indian cricket board struggled like it's ageing cricketers to find one good coach. When the media started attacking the board for it's casual handling of the coach issue, BCCI chose ageing Chandu Borde as cricket manager!

Taare and zameen!

It was amusing to see the stars rushing to prove their farmer identity.
And some of them were the biggest and richest film stars!
While farmers all over the nation were committing suicides because of financial burden, these stars were busy explaining how they should be treated as a FARMER!
Irony, that is India!

When Rahul baba talks!

Whenever Rahul Gandhi opened his mouth he embarassed his partymen and his mom. He's struggling to learn the 'politically correct' language, the hard way. Mom should tell him that sometimes staying mum is the best way to learn

Starting from the scratch!

Online identity can be so fake!
I realised this when my gmail identity was stolen!
Overnight, my online identity on Google just vanished!
More painful was losing my blog, which I can't access yet.
So, I'm starting all over again, posting my old cartoons.

Hopefully I won't lose my online friends, still trying to get them all, back in my friends' list. But it's a kind of fun to start from the start!
May be it will help me to bring an order into my postings, because now I'm far better at blogging than when I started few months back. Though, there's a long way to go!

I'm sure you'll like my cartoons here too and won't hezitate to give me frank feedback. Welcome to my world of cartoons, once again. Let's have a fun-filled humorous journey!

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