Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maharashtra CM's Kargil-gate!

Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan accused of digging gold in Kargil Martyr's grave, instead digs his own grave! Mid-day cartoon.

Arundhati Roy and freedom of expression!

Weekly cartoon done for Kannada daily Udayavani. The cartoon is about Arundhati Roy's Kashmir comment.

Mallika Sherawat as Hisstory teacher!

Mallika Sherawat as Hisstory teacher in Kopykatman!
Sunday Midday comics

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

BJP wants to SHUT HER UP!

Two days back BJP was trying to keep Arundhati Roy quiet after her Kashmir comments. Now BJP is trying keep another woman, quiet!
Mid-day cartoon

Monkey and Baba Ramdev!

A monkey appeared at Baba Ramdev's yoga camp and snatched mike from him! Santabanta cartoon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Will Obama bring the CHANGE?

Obama-mania II is set to grip the nation soon. Will Obama's visit bring the CHANGE in India? Mid-day cartoon

More bank robberies in Mumbai!

Mumbai has been witnessing a spate of bank robberies during last few months! cartoon

Pakistan sees a third party in Kashmir issue!

Pakistan sees a third party in Arundhati Roy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama gets a call from Arundhati Roy!

President Obama gets a call from Arundhati Roy! Mid-day cartoon


So, finally the result time.

A big thanks to all the participants. You made it special. 
Let’s have many more such contests.

To make the contest unbiased I asked my good friend and Yahoo India Senior Editor, SR Ramakrishna ( facebook id is Ramakrishna Shikaripura) to help me out in selecting the best entries. He kindly obliged and was generous enough to send a note on the entries also.We’ve selected two best entries, who will receive caricature. And five entries are short-listed as honourable mentions. (If any of these short-listed people get honourable mention in the next contest also, then they will get a free caricature)Congrats to the two winners, five short-listed entries and all the participants.I just can’t thank you enough. We’ll make this page more interactive in the coming days. 

Here's a note from SR Ramakrishna about the entries:
"Cartoonists think up wisecracks every morning, but it's not easy to be funny. Besides sketching skills, cartoonists must have the ability to tell a story with a caption that's often no longer than just a single sentence. It's this second skill that Satish Acharya is testing through the Dialogue Maaro contest. I am sure everyone who gave it a shot experienced at least some of the joy and agony of cartooning. The entries were witty and satirical, and showed a keen sense of the news context. They also reflected the ordinary citizen's cynicism and contempt for politicians. Congratulations. 

S R Ramakrishna
Senior Editor, Yahoo India.

And the winners are:
1. Rajesh Krishnamoorthy 
‎"This is Operation Lotus - they put a tracking device inside to follow where we are & hear what we do"
2.Rahul Mansur 
"Don't worry, sir! It's just a temporary tattoo. It can be changed anytime you know!"

Honourable mentions
1. Bhupendra Maru 
"Our party leader was a 'cowboy' and expert in 'cattle-branding'..!!"
2.Satish Sringeri 
"yaa, it's a special "family planning surgery" , quick! get can also get 25 crores!"
3.Vinay Shetty 
‎"Is that enough..or do i need to do more"
4.Varun Bhardwaj 
"Nowadays, you have to get this to prove your loyalty"
5. Raghav Jyothi Rao 
"The Boss has begun branding members with the party logo so that we can't jump the fence at the last moment. The only problem is that now shoe flingers have a better target to aim at during rallies."

I'm also posting the cartoons with winners' dialogue along with the dialogue that I used in the original cartoon.
(Winners please send me the pictures for caricature at

Massive IT raids on BJP's money-bags!

Karnataka political drama takes another twist,
with a massive IT raids on BJP's money-bags!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mallya junior loves dogs!

Siddharth Mallya eats dog-meat in Korea and tweets about it, leading to a massive protest from dog-lovers.

Obama comes to India!

Illustration done for a column by Anuvab Pal, in Sunday Midday. Anuvab talks about US President Barrack Obama's visit to India!

Horse trading affects kids too!

Cartoon done for Kannada daily, Vartha Bharati.
Though, the dialogue has been translated in English,
sometimes dialogue loses it's local flavour.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Supreme Court uses the word 'keep' and shocks the nation!

Supreme Court shocked the nation by using the offending word 'keep' while explaining it's take on 'live-in' relationship!

The money trap in Karnataka politics!

Weekly cartoon done for Kannada daily, Udayavani!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The latest revealation in CWG probe!

Everything related to Commonwealth Games is coming under scanner during the probe! What about Shera?


Recently I had created a cartoon page on facebook. The aim of this cartoon page is to interact with readers who love cartoons. I have been thinking of ways to make this page more interactive, then a good friend Sachin Jain suggested some kind of a contest for readers. So, here it is.

We all love dialogues, be it in movies or in real life. Here's a chance to add your own dialogue to a cartoonist's creation. The best two dialogues will win caricature(of their own or any of their friends) I request people to vote the best dialogues by liking it.(though the number of likes is not a yardstick for the quality of a dialogue)

Here's the first cartoon on the MLA trading in Karnataka politics.
Preferably keep the dialogue in English, so that everyone can enjoy it.
Let's see how interactive we can get!
Here's the link to send your dialogue and win a caricature

Undercover agents in cricket!

In order to eradicate match-fixing from cricket, ICC wants to use undercover agents, who'll approach cricketers as bookies!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shiv Sena wants ban on burqas!

Shiv Sena wants ban on burqas, because a burqa-clad woman stole a baby in Mumbai!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why Aditya Thackeray was brought into politics so early?

Here's the reason Aditya Thackeray was brought into the politics so young! cartoon

Rs 50 crore for an MLA in Karnataka!

Karnataka politics is seeing unprecedented rates per MLA!
Congress alleges that BJP is poaching it's MLAs by paying Rs 50 crore for each MLA!

CWG scam is a team-work!

While all the media-attention was on Suresh Kalmadi, Commonwealth Games probe promises to throw up many names across political parties. May be that's what Suresh Kalmadi meant, when he said CWG was a team-work!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Karnataka TV serial!

What is with our courts?
Karnataka govt is in suspended state with
the verdict still unclear about the trust vote!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thackerays out of Big Boss!

Shiv Sena, which demonstrated violent protests to demand the removal of  Pakistani inmates from the Big Boss, suddenly took a U-turn and decided to accept an apology from the channel Colors! Wonder what really happened behind the closed doors!
In another news, Bigg Khali entered Big Boss house!

The God and the Ugly of Media!

Illustration done for a Sunday Midday column by Anuvab Pal.
The columnist writes about the wild ways of Indian media who create the God one day and destroy on another day!
Here's the column

The young and the restless!

Illustration done for Sunday Midday column by Paromita Vohra. The column talks about how it's easy for someone like Aditya Thackeray to launch himself on a huge platform by banning a book while campaigns like MeterJam failed miserably in their second stage!
Here's the link to the column

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tiger dance(Huli kunita) video!

And here's Tiger dance(Huli Kunita) video
(This troup of tigers is different from the photos)

Tiger dance or Huli Vesha of Kundapura!

Tiger dance, called Huli kunita in Kundapura(my hometown) is a unique dance form during Navratri(dussera) which combines dance and some acrobatic tricks. As a kid we grew up adoring these tigers! It was nostalgic moment to witness this dance again.

A 'twist' in Musharraf's comeback story!

'Twist' in Musharraf's comeback story!
Kopykatman, sunday midday comics!

Commonwealth Games probe begins...

Commonwealth Games probe begins...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who'll save Karnataka from the miners?

Who'll rescue the voters of Karnataka from the miners, who rule all the political parties?

The mystery behind the broken washing machine at CWG village!

As promised PM Dr. Manmohan Singh has ordered a probe into the Commonwealth Games corruption! His message is clear guilty should not be spared!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rakhi Sawant takes credit for India's medal tally at CWG!

India finished Commonwealth Games with a hot medal tally!

India's Ashes preparations...

India's Ashes preparations!
Find out more in  this Cricinfo cartoon

Yeddyurappa's BJP govt wins trust vote, but how!

Yeddyurappa's BJP govt just wins trust vote, but in the process suffers a severe damage to the reputation of the Govt. Depending on the HC verdict, this govt could again face another trust vote!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let's not forget to deal with Kalmadis after our Golden hour!

As Commonwealth Games comes to conclusion, we want to remember this CWG for our fabulous sports-persons, who have brought in a gold rush!
Also, we don't want to forget to deal with Kalmadis once the game is over! They have lots to explain to the nation!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grand launch of the grandson of Balasaheb Thackeray!

The stage is set for a grand launch of Balasaheb Thackeray's grandson Aditya Thackeray at the Dussera rally at Shivaji Park. Aditya was in news recently for removing Rohington Mistry's Booker-nominated novel 'Such A Short Journey' from the syllabus. This was seen as a build-up to Aditya's launch in the politics!
Personally I'm surprised at the hurried entry of Aditya into politics. Couple of years back I was in touch with Aditya through chats & mails, I found him to be a sensible, intelligent and down to earth youngster. He was crazy about cricket, poetry and photography, but never talked much of politics. He wanted to make a career in either cricket or photography. But sadly politics has swallowed many talented people from Thackeray family, from cartoonists Balasaheb/Raj to photographer Uddhav Thackeray.

And watch out for Aditya! He can provide a new image for Shiv Sena!
(may be not by burning and banning books)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Common-filth Games of Karnataka!

Common-filth games of Karnataka politics has not only shamed the voters of Karnataka, but also the nation, as a democracy! The tregedy is that, what started out as a power-fight between egoistic and greedy politicians, ended up as a tussle between two constitutional powers, the speaker and the governor!

Monday, October 11, 2010

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