Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So, finally the result time.

A big thanks to all the participants. You made it special. 
Let’s have many more such contests.

To make the contest unbiased I asked my good friend and Yahoo India Senior Editor, SR Ramakrishna ( facebook id is Ramakrishna Shikaripura) to help me out in selecting the best entries. He kindly obliged and was generous enough to send a note on the entries also.We’ve selected two best entries, who will receive caricature. And five entries are short-listed as honourable mentions. (If any of these short-listed people get honourable mention in the next contest also, then they will get a free caricature)Congrats to the two winners, five short-listed entries and all the participants.I just can’t thank you enough. We’ll make this page more interactive in the coming days. 

Here's a note from SR Ramakrishna about the entries:
"Cartoonists think up wisecracks every morning, but it's not easy to be funny. Besides sketching skills, cartoonists must have the ability to tell a story with a caption that's often no longer than just a single sentence. It's this second skill that Satish Acharya is testing through the Dialogue Maaro contest. I am sure everyone who gave it a shot experienced at least some of the joy and agony of cartooning. The entries were witty and satirical, and showed a keen sense of the news context. They also reflected the ordinary citizen's cynicism and contempt for politicians. Congratulations. 

S R Ramakrishna
Senior Editor, Yahoo India.

And the winners are:
1. Rajesh Krishnamoorthy 
‎"This is Operation Lotus - they put a tracking device inside to follow where we are & hear what we do"
2.Rahul Mansur 
"Don't worry, sir! It's just a temporary tattoo. It can be changed anytime you know!"

Honourable mentions
1. Bhupendra Maru 
"Our party leader was a 'cowboy' and expert in 'cattle-branding'..!!"
2.Satish Sringeri 
"yaa, it's a special "family planning surgery" , quick! get operated..you can also get 25 crores!"
3.Vinay Shetty 
‎"Is that enough..or do i need to do more"
4.Varun Bhardwaj 
"Nowadays, you have to get this to prove your loyalty"
5. Raghav Jyothi Rao 
"The Boss has begun branding members with the party logo so that we can't jump the fence at the last moment. The only problem is that now shoe flingers have a better target to aim at during rallies."

I'm also posting the cartoons with winners' dialogue along with the dialogue that I used in the original cartoon.
(Winners please send me the pictures for caricature at cartoonistsatish@gmail.com)


KC said...

Yes, IMHO the best one has selected as best. Good efforts

satish sringeri said...

It's a good beginning,caption contest for cartoons is going to be a major hit in near future, SURE!

Satish Acharya said...

Thanks Bijumon, Thanks Satish. this is just an excuse to interact with the cartoon-lovers. will need to think of something else to keep readers engaged. thanks

Datta3 said...

congrats... RAJESH and RAHUL
thank u sathish
all the best to "caption contest for cartoons"

Rajesh K said...

A great contest & a great idea & wish all the best for future. Looking forward for the next round with eager.

Rahul Mansur said...

Thank you, Sir! Was great fun participating in this one! :)

Ajith said...

This will definitely help in popularizing this divine art! All The Best!!

murthy said...

One cartoon different views
!!!! Wonderful, I enjoyed both by posting and reading

ಸೀತಾರಾಮ. ಕೆ. / SITARAM.K said...

Nice Idea
keep on...

Mandovi said...

Hey Satish, would you mind posting the cartoon entries of other winners? I am sure they are pretty nice.

Mandovi said...

Oops. I am sorry. I thought the contest involved drawing the cartoon too. I found out it was just for the dialog. Sorry about that.

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