Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A page to talk cartoon, on facebook!

The best thing about being on social networking sites is that, you get to interact with your readers.
Readers who read your blog everyday, who RT your good cartoons, who share/comment/like your cartoons whenever they like one. To interact with such readers and cartoon lovers I started a cartoon page on facebook.
The response from cartoon lovers was beyond my expectations. They raise doubts, they share ideas, they shoot questions, they send brick-bats etc etc..but all about cartoons.
There are loads of budding cartoonists who always live with lots of questions. They search for answers, but some of our established cartoonists are beyond their reach(Some of those cartoonists lead a hectic life too). This facebook page was meant for such people with lots of doubts/questions looking for answers. Since the page has lots of experienced cartoonists also, the idea was to request them to share their thoughts about these doubts/questions.
Here's the link to the page 
If you want to talk about cartoons, do join.

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