Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bhajji sings Meri Maa...

Bhajji turns singer with 'Meri Maa...' album

Economy will rebound, promises PM Singh.

Manmohan Singh promises the economy will rebound.

Those who eat at poor-man's home...

Can our political leaders eat mid-day meal at a school, as they do at poor-man's home for media attention?

Ishrat missing from NIA report?

Is NIA report silent on Ishrat Jahan's terror-links, as reported in the media?

Politics over mid-day meal deaths in Bihar.

Poor and helpless students were the victims, as political parties clash over Mid-day meal deaths in Bihar.

Entry fees for Modi speech!

Five rupee entry fees for Narendra Modi's speech in Hyderabad, which will be used for Uttarakhand Relief Fund.

Bhaag Milkha, please bhaag!

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag attracts the audience in spite of being a stretched film.

Mod's puppy remark!

Narendra Modi's puppy remark creates controversy.

Convicted MLA/MPs to lose seats.

Convicted MLAs/MPs will automatically lose their seats, says the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court lifts ban on dance bars in Mumbai.

Major setback for Maharashtra home minister RR Patil.

Nirman vs Nirman!

Everything going cheap in Indian politics!

RIP Pran!

FB 'likes' cheaper than vegetables!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cleaning the political system, SC way!

Supreme Court says, the convicted MPs/MLAs are automatically disqualified, ruling out the protection under Representation of People Act.

Now govt can read your emails on BB.

The govt finally manages to read emails/messages on our Blackberries.

Osama bin Laden was hiding behind a cowboy hat!

Leaked reports say Osama Bin Laden was in Pakistan since 2002 and on many occasions, was hiding behind a cowboy hat.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lootere, since 1947!

The Loot doesn't seem to stop. Only faces seem to change.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Did Bihar ignore Bodh Gaya terror alert?

There have been many instances where state govts missing/ignoring the IB inputs on tragedies/terror attacks. Did Nitish Kumar's Bihar govt also ignore Bodh Gaya terror alert?

Ram Mandir is back on BJP's poll agenda?

Modi and Amit Shah, these two Gujarati men could  play the major role in shaping BJP's poll strategy for 2014.  But the puzzling part is, while Narendra Modi talks about development, uses technology extensively, his right-hand man Amit Shah talks about going back Ram Mandir agenda. Or is this the actual strategy of BJP?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Food Security Bill isn't a free lunch!

Many cartoon-lovers regularly ask me about how a certain idea is born. Even cartoonists don't have answers to such questions. But I can share with you some ways I think of an idea. There are many ways to ideate.
-One way is getting spontaneous ideas and such ideas are beyond any explanation or reasoning. Here you read a certain news and a cartoon idea arrives in your head just like a flash.
Though such ideas arrive as a flash, I believe your regular following of news plays a vital role in such ideas.
-One more way is where you plan an idea. You pick a talking point of the day or you choose a subject which has been bothering you and work towards presenting your opinion in a cartoon. Here you need to spend more time on shaping your opinion on the subject. You need to think from different perspective, from different angle. Once you're convinced about your opinion, then follows a tougher part. To present that opinion in a creative way. This stage can drain you mentally.
I try my best to present the opinion in a different way(sometimes bizarre way), because many cartoonists think in a certain pattern and it's common for cartoonists' ideas to overlap. And because of the wild spread of the social media, lots of similar ideas are being circulated on the web, making a cartoonist's job tougher and risky. I have very bad experience in this regard, so I try to be extra careful to put a stamp that it's MY OWN IDEA.
-Another way of ideating is, through connecting two or more news items. These news subjects can be different, but you need a pick a common factor to connect them to come up with a punch. This is very effective way also, since most of the cartoon-lovers are keen followers of news. And such ideas can touch them easily.
-And also there must be hundred other ways of getting ideas, which cannot be put in any formula or method. A certain word in a newspaper/tv news report can trigger an idea. Certain visual may lead you to an idea. A particular personality or his/her mannerism can inspire you. It's a complex process, which can be simplified by the amount of news you read/follow and your unbiased opinion. When you're biased you restrict your ideas and miss many golden opportunities. Similarly when you spend less time on following news, you're missing out on many ingredients which could make your ideas more powerful/colorful.

In this cartoon, my idea was triggered by Supreme Court's observation on election freebies. But the background was certainly Food Security Bill, which the govt was desperately trying to implement, to gain some electoral brownie points. First my idea was to show only MMS, the court and the poor family, where MMS tells the court "This was an older order". But I wasn't convinced and felt the need for a stronger punch. Some more pushing helped me come up with an idea about how the govt would try to convince us that it's not a 'freebie'

Don't provoke China, General Luo warns India.

In the name of Ishrat...

UPA takes ordinance route to rescue Food Security Bill.

Shahrukh Khan's Kahaani!

The rush for new banking lincences.

Truck-loads of cash found in Mumbai.

Modi in rebuilding mode.

India's very own GPS system.

Politicians debate Uttarakhand on twitter!

PM Singh is happy to see Rahul can step into his shoes!

Alimony for JD(U)!

Exploiting Uttarakhand!

Modi, the Rambo!

Uddhav Thackeray says allies don't grow on trees.

Rahul-Sonia flag off relief materials for Uttarakhand.

Politics over Uttarakhand disaster.

Army emerges as the hero in Uttarakhand.

Rupee touches 60!

Uttarakhand tragedy.

Controversy over Vaishno-Devi coin.

Gujarat gets Rs 59,000 crore from the Planning Commission.

BCCI's clean-up.

World's second-best airport, Delhi airport flooded.

Seventeen-Year itch in NDA!

Bhasmasur Modi!

Your economy is your headache.

Chidambaram urges people not to buy gold.

Rupee is falling...

Advani asks Nitish to stay in NDA.

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