Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life of Chidu!

Life of P. Chidambaram before the Budget!

Economic Survey predicts 6.7% GDP growth!

Is the job of Economic Survey to paint a rosy picture of the economy?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rae Bareily Budget!

Railway Budget presented by Bansal has been labelled as Rae Bareily Budget by the opposition.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sharing on facebook is a crime!

Kerala police book 111 people who shared a facebook post about Suryanelli rape case!

PM Singh visits Hyderabad!

PM Manmohan Singh visits Hyderabad after the twin blasts and says he's there to share people's pain.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Intelligence alerts about Hyderabad blasts!

Home Minister confessed that, though there were intelligence alerts about blasts, there was no specific mention of Hyderabad.

Budget session takes off...

Sushil Kumar Shinde regrets over his saffron terror remark, paving the way for the budget session. But can the govt escape the Chopper scam?

Should Cameron have apologised?

British Prime Minister David Cameron was in India and there was a growing demand to seem apology from him over Jalianwala Bagh.

Cheap air tickets war!

Jet Airways decides to sell air tickets at a cheaper rate, starting a price-war!

Arindam can help Rahul Gandhi!

Arindam Chaudary manages to block all those URLs which criticised his IIPM.

Digvijay supports Katju!

BJP demands Katju's resignation after he criticised Narendra Modi and some non-Congress state govts.

MMS isn't scared of Meteorite!

Helicopter scam threatens to hit UPA govt hard during the budget session.

A world without middlemen!

Helicopter scam seems to be the result of middlemen in all our defence deals!

Chopper scam and Bofors scam!

Chopper scam brought back the memories of Bofors scam!

Valentine's Day cartoon.

More scams haunt MMS govt!

Cut in defence budget?

Finance Minister could reduce the defence budget by Rs. 14,000 crore.

Raj Thackeray says NO to Shiv Sena!

Raj Thackeray rules out any alliance with Shiv Sena.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vishwaroopam enters Rs 100 crore club!

Finally relief for Kamal Haasan as his movie Vishwaroopam makes Rs 120 crore.

BCCI's monopoly!

BCCI was fined for abusing monopoly.

May be some day...

Can we ever have a society without hate-mongers like Owaisi and Togadia?

Timing of Afzal Guru's hanging.

The timing of Afzal Guru's hanging was clearly looked political.

Afzal Guru hanged!

Finally Afzal Guru hanged!

Maha Budget Mela!

Challenges that Finance Minister P. Chidambaram faces during this budget.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mandir or/and Modi for BJP?

While Narendra Modi was showcasing Brand Modi to the students of SRCC in Delhi, BJP chief Rajnath Singh digs out the Ram Mandir issue at Kumbh Mela!

Delhi isn't safe...

Delhi CM Sheila Dixit repeats her warning that Delhi isn't safe for women, while in another part of the city Gujarat CM Narendra Modi impresses the students of SRCC.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Narendra Modi to take a dip at Maha Kumbh!

VHP is planning to bring  all the sadhus together at Maha Kumbh to endorse Narendra Modi's candidature as PM.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kashmir's girls' band banned!

The little Kashmiri girls, who found happiness in singing, were silenced in the name of religion, in democratic India.

Weaker Lokpal...

There seems to be a bias in dealing with Lokpal as a law, in comparison to the new Rape Law.

So, now girls are safe in India?

Is a stringent Rape Law enough to protect the girls? 

Cut! Cut! Cut!

Kamal Haasan had to agree for seven cuts, before getting the nod to release Vishwaroopam!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Anna accuses UPA of betrayal!

Anna Hazare accused the govt of betraying the nation over the Lokpal.
Cartoon done on 2nd February 2013.

Please release the film!

Kamal Haasan was overwhelmed with the support he received in his fight to release Vishwaroopam.
Cartoon done on 1st February 2013.


Kamal Haasan's film Vishwaroopam was banned temporarily in Tamil Nadu govt asked for the ban anticipating violence. Cartoon done on 31st January 2013.

The looters!

Kamal Haasan was on the brink of bankruptcy afer his new film Vishwaroopam was banned.

Rahul Gandhi skips a crucial exam!

Rahul Gandhi fails to turn up for the crucial Telangana meeting, requesting for more time to study the issue.
Cartoon done on 29th January 2013

Bigger role for Narendra Modi?

Narendra Modi meets the newly elected BJP chief, fueling PM cadidate rumours. Cartoon done on 28th January 2013

Lights to Cut explained!

The new glossary of Indian cinema
Cartoon done on 28th January 2013

Terrorising a film!

Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam was banned temporarily in Tamil Nadu, after a group accused the film of portraying Muslims as terrorists.
Cartoon done on 25th January 2013

Gadkari threatens IT officials!

Nitin Gadkari publicly threatens IT officials who raided him.
Cartoon done on 25th January 2013.

Amitabh Bachchan to promote clean Mumbai campaign.

Cartoon done on 24th January 2013, for Santabanta

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