Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yedyurappa, Karnataka's new Chief Minister

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Anonymous said...

He is fit to be a roadside vendor & NOT CHIEF MINISTER.

An IGNORANT & Misconeptualised person cannot lead KARNATAKA as he does not know the HISTORY. Leave alone HISTORY he does not know the basics of social studies- like,different communities that exist in karnataka.
He has attacked catholics...then he says it was a mistake and this happened b'coz of new life. He must resign as per his sentence quoting" if any minority says i've committed crime against then , I shall resign." Mr. yedyurrappa , why dont u resign NOW. We say you've committed crime that is HENIOUS .... Instigating Bajrang Dal and ur allies to destroy churches & peace. U must resin
Else, we people of karnataka will feel U r a not a man (as a Man keeps his words).

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