Monday, June 23, 2008

Every sect, caste, religion is just a vote bank.

The Sikhs ran riot in Mumbai with naked swords in their hands, to protest.
Unfortunately even the smallest group of people have been able to hold the nation to ransom
for the silliest reasons resulting in huge losses of public property and public life disruption.
Can any politician stick his neck out and say 'you're wrong'?
Every sect, caste, religion is just a vote bank. They woo them and handle these protests/riots with child gloves.
Bear with these protests, guys!


SMART Trader said...

Hi Sathish,
I have posted one of your cartoons in my blog.Sorry, I should have asked your permission before doing it.Ready to remove it if you insist.
Your blog rocks.

Satish Acharya said...

Hey not a problem.
But please remember to give credit to Midday also along with my name...

SMART Trader said...

Thanks Satish, Done.

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