Saturday, October 25, 2008

The locals aren't interested in low-paying Govt jobs!

The locals want more opportunities in govt jobs everywhere.
If you go to any corner of this nation, you'll find angry locals who are demanding more jobs for them, who are ready to snatch their rightful rights!
But the studies show that, the locals aren't interested in low-paying Govt jobs.
They want a share in high-paying creamy jobs only.
So, more desperate outsiders migrate to do low-paying jobs.



Dear Mr Satish Acharya,
Your cartoons are good. Thumps up.
Pl vist my blog to have a look at my new priject.
Prakash Shetty

My Foot? said...

Ah! That isn't bad though. We really need the lower paying positions to be filled up. Awesome point that many have overlooked.

By the way, I love the angry guy in the blue silken t-shirt ^_^!

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

yup another comic with a point.

Hey if you appreciate comments so much why do you moderate them? Why cant you just let them show as soon as someone comments?

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