Friday, November 28, 2008

Ironically nobody wants a bigger share in Mumbai's suffering!

When Mumbai suffers all Mumbaikars suffer equally.
Ironically nobody wants a bigger share in Mumbai's suffering!


Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

Ironically, again Satish, most of the NSG commandoes and Marcos were outsiders and one wonders where were the locals? SS and MNS did not even come out with any statement or word on the developments, let alone action or support for the crisis situation. Maybe you will have another post for that?

Unknown said...

Very funny and at the same time very thoughtful.

Unknown said...

you work is awesome satish enjoyed ur blog best of luck for more to come


Anonymous said...

Very Nice blog ! Satish....
Keep it up and best wishes for cartooning.

for other commentors : NSG works for whole India. NSG don't have any bracnhes to all over India , like Policae Stations have. NSG only have in Delhi,bcoz it's National Capital. that's why, Even their will attak on any smallest village,in any corner of India. NSG will go from Delhi.and NSG have the commnadors from all the communities of India, from maharashtra also. That's why, NSG is perfect Unity of our proud nation.

hope the info will help you to clear your mis-understangins. Good Day !

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