Friday, December 26, 2008

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's WAR!

Many of us are wondering why our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is not talking tough even when every tom and dick from Pakistan is talking about war, last drop of blood etc etc. According to an article written by former journalist Aakar Patel our PM is good at waging war on our other enemies.

Other enemies?
YES! Like poverty, unemployment etc etc. He was successful many years ago when he fought that war on License Raj. India became free and a global citizen. Now his war is still on. The war on terror, generated from Pakistani soil has taken his precious time and energy while he's reaching the last leg of his tenure. But he knows that his WAR is not over yet. Attacking Pakistan can give his party votes and bring Congress a huge win in the next elections. But that will surely take us back to where he started.

1 comment:

The Comic Project said...

haha AWEsome... really good ...i like how his eyes are turning in Pakistan's direction. Also you did not use Sonia anywhere and that is refreshing

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