Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maharashtra emulates UP and Bihar in assembly culture!

Maharashtra emulates UP and Bihar in assembly culture!


Arun said...

Hi Sathish ! your toons are terrific... how about letting me in on your drawing method ? do you draw on paper and scan and prep on photoshop or do you draw digitally using a tablet(i assume you color on PS using a wacom?) ...or if you do use paper and ink what pen do you use?


Satish Acharya said...

Thanks Arun.
Yes, I draw on paper with pen and then scan it to PC and color in Photoshop, but not with wacom.
Though I have heard wacom is more comfortable to color(and to draw too).
Hope that helped you.

khushleen said...

hey satish,
i like ur style of illustrations.. great!!!=) m n illustrator too.

Shalu said...

How far do they want to take. Should we all leave Mumbai before we get kicked out.

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