Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ban SRK for supporting Pakistani cricketers!

Shiv Sena is at it again. Sena attacked Shah Rukh Khan for sympathising with Pakistani cricketers who were snubbed by IPL. Why did Sena target only SRK when there are crores of other Indians who sympathised with Pakistani cricketers? Too many people want to ride on SRK brand for publicity!


Vinay said...

Why, there are crores of Indians who do not want Pakistani cricketers in IPL. If SRK is representing the pack of people interested in Pak cricketers, SS is representing the people who do not want Pak players in IPL.

Liju Philip said...

the paper tiger speaketh...hahaha. Even Chidambaram spoke for the Pak team. Will the paper tiger do anything against him? No he wont.. cos he's a Thuggeray. An old thug who is past his prime. People have fun at his statements. He's just reduced to a nautanki wallah.

Even i dont agree with what SRK said, but i will fully support his right to speak his mind. We are a democracy and everyone has his right to speak his mind as long as its not propagating violence against anyone. Its something the Thuggerays and the chaddi gang dont understand.

No wonder they are irrelevant these days.

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