Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The end of Jan Lokpal bill?

The huge difference between the govt and the JLB committee over the bill would mean the beginning of the end of Jan Lokpal Bill!
Midday cartoon

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Anonymous said...

Politicians are not corrupt unless legally proven to be corrupt.Laws including Lokpal bill should be strong enough to be able to evaluate the evidence with out any pressures and punish if any one is found to be guilty of corruption and corrupt practices.Higher level of corruption sure degenerates governance to mis-governance and defeats the democracy..So LOKPAL as well as Indian Judiciary should be made stronger and public should vote for those candidates only who pledge to enact stronger laws including that for appointment and functioning of LOKPAL.RAJAS,KANIS,MAYAS AND RADIAS should get fair returns of their investments in deeds that go against will of public.

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