Friday, December 23, 2011

Lalu's guest appearance becomes a lead role!

Surprisingly Lokpal session in the Parliament was totally taken over by Lalu Prasad Yadav, who seemed like playing his role perfectly in a tightly written script!
Midday cartoon


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you meant it to be this way. We see Anna and his huge Lokpal and then Lalu saying "It'll kill us" and then we move to Sonia saying "Look such a strong LokPal" and then we see her spindly one.
Even when reading Sonia's comment we are thinking of Anna's LokPal and not the spindly one at the right.

I felt it might be more right if we had to read SG's comment first and then Lalu's and thus the positions were inverted... Or Maybe a mirror of the current positioning.

But the way you have done seems to try something differently: We see the stronger one and associate all comments with that, without a semblance of ordering to comments made by Lalu and Sonia, and finally we see the thin one as a punchline. In contrast to the mirror one where we associate all comments to the thin one and then finally see the big one.

Am just curious about the design, did you intend it to be the way you have drawn it?


Share tips said...

Super duper lykzzz :D

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