Saturday, January 7, 2012

Team Anna calls off poll campaign.

Anna's health and the failure to gather crowd at Mumbai have prompted Team Anna to call off their poll campaign in the states.
Midday cartoon


Raghav said...

Satishji, I am a huge fan and I've been trying to learn cartooning for a while now!! I was wondering if there was article that you have posted anywhere describing your workflow (pencils, inks, colors and what equipment you use). It would be of immense help to us beginners...Thanks a million for making us 'LOL' day after day!!

Kapil Bedarkar said...

Nice work! Our nation is in great need of people like you! And people are needing to take interest in Politics where they ignore it because it is mud. But bit by bit it will change to sea of prosperity.

Fidarose Isha said...

This time you are not active towards Annaji and Arvind Kejriwals fast. What happened ?

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