Friday, March 5, 2010

Cricket and the World!

Cricket & the World

We know that cricket is extremely popular in certain countries.

What we don´t know is that it is slowly expanding in countries where it is not a traditional game , at all.

The Isle of Man has been defeated by the”azzurri” (azurs, derives from the colour of the italian jersey) the italian cricket team! These young -stars are proud members of the Italian Cricket Federation; almost all of them (only one is 100% italian, from Sardinia Island) are sons of immigrants from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

They blessed Italy with its first of European title in history: only four years ago, the same opponent team defeated Italy with a 100 points gap. Together with Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Israel, Switzerland and The Isle of Man were in the tournament. In the Italian team there are also two Pakistani and two Indians. Good to know next time you`ll decide to bet on cricket betting. So, next time don´t get scared by the odds. Sometimes they can surprise you more than you ever expected.

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