Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coalition Dharma saves A Raja!

Congress party is in clean-up mode following the CWG and Adarsh Tower scams. But one man who's escaping all the clean-up efforts is DMK's minister A Raja, who's been accused of 2G scam worth lakhs of crores!

Congress is scared to touch him citing 'coalition dharma'!


மால்கம் "X" ஃபாருக்- இராஜகம்பீரம் said...

Goverment is meant for massive scams in the name of public service where alliance and opposition can share among them.

Law is meant only for punishing poors and innocents.


Who said that the congress party / PM are not bothered about Dharma..??!!

Anil Singh said...

Haha, Good one. But Satish, you have rattled some feathers here.

BNSrivastava.Foundation said...

Hats off to you Satish!!Atleast you have guts to expose these country sellers.

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