Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mirwaiz talks anti-India, in India!

On the eve of 26/11 anniversary, a separatist leader like Mirwaiz Umar Farouq, who always talks anti-India, gets permission to give a lecture in Chandigarh! Can you believe that? What critirea does the Govt follow to give such people the permission to address a gathering within India?

Here's my take on the incident in Chandigarh where Mirwaiz was attacked by Kashmiri pundits, for his anti-India remarks. Mid-Day cartoon


liju philip said...

what else do we expect of a spineless govt. We should have put this miraiwaz fella in some jail and thrown away the key.

he should have been let to rot.

Anonymous said...

for people who are still thinking about hanging Afzal Guru, who attacked the Parliament, this is nothing!!

Anil Singh said...

Why is it so bad? Mir was saying something he represents and believes in. Wrt the esteemed reader's comment, if Congress can wait for the killers of Rajeev Gandhi, then who is Afzal Guru. If there are 18 clemency petitions, for president to decide, with Afzal's among the last; how can he be hanged first.

Definitely not a cartoon representing a well read and intellectual print media.

ಸೀತಾರಾಮ. ಕೆ. / SITARAM.K said...

great tragedy of our democracy defn

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