Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dialogue Maaro Contest-2 winners!

I'm confident, there’s a cartoonist lurking in each of you, who’s witty, who has a sharp sense of humour and who’s well-informed. All you need is the ability to draw. 
That’s what I felt after going through your entries.

Just one word, fabulous!
Congratulations to winners and big thanks to all the participants.

Waleed Hussain, Deputy News Editor at Mid Day and a very good friend of mine agreed to judge the entries at a very short notice and did a wonderful job. I’m not going to thank him, he would rather get a treat from me, when I visit Mumbai next time.

Here are the winners according to Waleed, along with a short note from him about the cartoon and entries. 

Winner#1 Siddharth Saudagar
“May I book your ticket to America by Garib Rath?”

Winner#2 Vijay Kumar

“Obamaji jaane se pehle hamara Rabdi se bhi milkejaanaa...woh tho shakal se tumhara behan jaisi hai…”
Winner#3 Premi Grewal
“Yeh lo kuch kha lena ........ Hamm to chare ke

shokin hain ..”
Winner#4 Manjesh Reddy
“Here is my 2 cents Obamaji...

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Waleed Hussaid says…
The cartoon brings forth two of the most well-known political
figures in contemporary politics. India's rustic in-your-faceLaloo Prasad Yadav offers the smart and charismatic US prez BarackObama some valuable advice of how to stay in power. The timing of thecartoon is perfect as Obama has just lost a major vote back home whilehe was on tour to India in a last ditch effort to save the US economy.He can take a few lessons from Laloo, who single-handedly turned theRailways fortune on its head, making it a profit-making venture fromits loss-making debacles.
PS: Winners please select a cartoon from my album or blog and inform me with your mailing address.

Will get a digital print and send you signing it.

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